How to Keep Your Children Safe Around the Pool

    Every summer thousands of families across the United States make the decision to install a pool. They imagine hours of endless family fun, but often forget about the dangers that these pools can pose. However, there are many things that families can do to keep their children safe around pools. First, every pool whether in-ground or above ground should be installed with a safety fence. For above ground pools, this safety fence should include a removable or lift-able ladder that makes it difficult to enter the pool.

    3 Basic Preparedness Tips

    As recent news of hurricanes Harvey and Irma demonstrates, emergencies can strike at any time, often with very little warning. The key to staying safe in an emergency is to be prepared for it ahead of time, knowing what you need and what to do in order to safeguard yourself and the people close to you. These three tips give you some basic preparedness guidelines: Create a Preparedness KitTo be sure that you're prepared for any emergencies, it's important to have a kit of some essential supplies.

    How to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

    Homes used to serve as a refuge, but today, they are no longer the peaceful and safe place for most people. Technology has interrupted connection with family, and we only use emails and phones to communicate with families. Most people will just go home to settle utility bills, collect letters and do house chores. To flourish in our homes, we need to make the home a sanctuary, where people will feel both physically and emotionally connected to the place.

    5 Halloween Decorating Tips

    October is almost here, and it’s time to start thinking about your Halloween decorations. It’s a good idea to begin planning, so you can have your thoughts together. Here are some spooky and fun ideas to help you get started. Lawn GraveyardYou can buy some pre-made fake tombstones and place them in your yard. You can also create your own using Styrofoam and cut and paint it yourself. If you have trees on your property, you can also rake the leaves into some white garbage bags and decorate the bags to make them look like ghosts.