October is almost here, and it’s time to start thinking about your Halloween decorations. It’s a good idea to begin planning, so you can have your thoughts together. Here are some spooky and fun ideas to help you get started.

Lawn Graveyard

You can buy some pre-made fake tombstones and place them in your yard. You can also create your own using Styrofoam and cut and paint it yourself. If you have trees on your property, you can also rake the leaves into some white garbage bags and decorate the bags to make them look like ghosts. To complete your lawn graveyard, you can scare your neighbors by adding a coffin. You need pallet boards, orange outdoor mini lights, some rubber chains, fake limbs and some black paint. Prop your gruesome coffin against the house or a tree and add some flood lights for a horrifying sight.

Chilling Glowing Luminaries

A creative way to light up any spooky area of your home is with an assortment of glowing luminaries. You can easily construct these luminaries for a few dollars, and you may even have some materials on hand. Make the luminaries using canning or mason jars, acrylic paints and a battery powered candle. You can paint them as ghosts, zombies, witches or pumpkins or any spooky idea you have. Set them along a dark path leading to your front door or in the windows of your home, so they seem they are peering out.

Glow In the Dark Pumpkins

Many Halloween adornments are only able to be seen during the day. These pumpkins are perfect for the night. You will need light colored or white foam pumpkins, glow-in-the-dark paint and vinyl stick on appliques that have words or anything Halloween related.

Paint your pumpkin with the glow-in-the-dark paint, let it dry overnight. Then apply the vinyl appliques and place your pumpkins throughout your yard and where kids will be trick-or-treating at your property. You can also use a black light and a combination of different color glowing paints to create an indoor decoration that will be the focus of your Halloween party.

Halloween Tin Cans

These Halloween tin cans are perfect for neighborhood parties. When it comes to activities for the party, try painting some tin cans for a ball toss game. Use clean and empty tin cans, paint the outsides of the cans with Halloween themed characters like a black cat face, a vampire face, a ghost or a pumpkin. Arrange these tins in a pyramid and aim with a mini bean bag or small soft ball to get your outdoor Halloween party game on.

The Witches Hats

If you’re looking for an economical but spectacular Halloween decoration idea, look no further. You can often pick up witch’s hats for next to nothing at a dollar store or another discount store. Just put a battery-powered light inside with sewing string wrapped around the fake wick and thread it to the inside of the hat and hang them up. These witches’ hats are a disturbing but ingenious way to decorate your property for Halloween.