Homes used to serve as a refuge, but today, they are no longer the peaceful and safe place for most people. Technology has interrupted connection with family, and we only use emails and phones to communicate with families. Most people will just go home to settle utility bills, collect letters and do house chores.

To flourish in our homes, we need to make the home a sanctuary, where people will feel both physically and emotionally connected to the place. Providing a haven to your kids is the biggest gift you can offer. Research shows that people living in havens have better moods and are less stressful. Follow the following tips to create a haven for your family.

Treat All Rooms Equally

Living in a house with unfinished areas is stressful. Whether it's incomplete remodeling or decoration, it is better to close the doors until they are finished. Ensure every room in your home remains inspired to reduce stress.


The color of your house has an emotional, psychological and physical impact on the occupants. Studies show that color can also impact appetite and body temperature. Sometimes, it can affect your energy levels and moods. Color blocking brings in a relaxing feeling. Choose the appropriate colors for the sitting room, kitchen, and bedrooms.

Do Away With Pictures with Bad Memories

So often we don’t realize that some pictures hung on the wall might be the cause of bad moods while in the house. Study your home and do away with things that bring about undesirable feeling to you and your kids. By removing them, you will be a step closer to creating a sanctuary.

Invest In Nature

Plants are an important component of a peaceful home. Plants not only bring the feeling of nature in the home, but they also purify and re-oxygenate indoor air. Incorporating plants will help eliminate odors and off-gasses bringing a tranquil feel.

Limit Technology

As the family head, you should be a role model to the children. Turn off your computer in the evening and spend some time with your family. Limiting technology creates an environment for connectedness strengthening the family bond.

Prioritize Your Children

Kids also have expectations. In most homes, children feel like they have no control over their lives because they are never involved in any decision making. By involving your kids in deciding on home remodeling and decorations will reduce resistance and stress amongst them. You will be surprised to see the help the kids can contribute in bringing a serene sigh of relief.


Ensure that your house lets in enough sunlight. It boosts health, moods, and comfort. Adequate lighting can also change the appearance and feeling of a room.